Silk Patchwork reversible stole blue black


A tribute to sustainable fashion

Reversible stoles in patchwork, We have a range of colors .It would not be exactly the same .What we call blue black ,will have different tones and patterns of blues and blacks ,in so many different techniques .for many people these are samplers of multiple techniques.

Each piece has a bandhani or leheriya or block print on the back side.

we can also create a colour you wish for.

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Patchwork is a very old technique like applique ,to decorate fabric .It is also used all over the world to consume leftover fabrics from garments . We have seen expert patchwork, quilt , applique artists ,in different parts of the world practicing these techniques .Each piece is unique, the photo is only a representation,

Presenting our collection of silk reversible patchwork stoles

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