Fashion Quotient Gears Up for 2022

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Fashion pundits predict a “comfort rules” funda for the coming year. With the pandemic far from over, WFH will necessitate ready-to-wear lines that might border on lounge wear or atheleisure for the non-corporate workforce. VoI talks to city-based designers for their take on what to don and what to discard.

For proprietor Shachi Kumar and Ruchi Gusia, Co-founders- Zebein, this year will embrace a slew of linen and snug labels in cozy lines. “No one wants to sit in front of a screen in stiff formals. Quilted housecoats and satin pyjamas are already back with a bang. Covid has truly turned around fashions,” he shares.

According to stylist Saloni Mehta the year will be ruled by micro Blazer styled with slim pants and mini skirts.  Second will be boxy blazers, “If tiny blazers are not your vibe, Big & boxy jackets are not going anywhere anytime soon. Pair with: Denim , knit dresses, coordinating pants. Third is, shiny dresses: From Maxi skirts to Mini Dresses to Pant suits, it calls for a dance floor moment.”

According to Kamaldeep Kaur who helms Neelgar Fashion: “Sustainability will set trends this year. Gen Z is conscious and will embrace brands that are part of their ecosystem, from procurement to manufacture and disposing it away. If Khadi jeans is the new fad, it will not be long before hand-spun t-shirts are a rage.”

Stylist and model Drashti Gajjar

So, while planet-friendly weaves will be the fabric choice, Amdavadi Drashti Gajjar places bets on monochromes. “A completely matching outfit exudes power and grace. It has long been seen as a gender-neutral power outfit. Year 2022 is all about monochrome,” says the celebrity stylist-designer.

Designer Sahiba Arora

Sequinned and subtle is designer Sahiba Arora’s take on trends this year. “Sartorial but downright comfortable will be the operating word. Sequins lend a bit of glamor and/or formal crispness to pret and that is going to be big this year,” is her prediction. 

Designer Mudita Patel

Taking the reduce-reuse-recycle adage further, designer Mudita Patel swears by repurposing clothes. “We all have a favorite shirt or pair of jeans, an old saree that we just can’t wear anymore or a dupatta too beautiful to part with. Some clothes leave us with memories, especially clothes with heritage value. What do you do it? This year will be about upcycling clothes. Churning out style statements from the used and old has been picking up since 2021,” informs Mudita

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