Pink white stripes


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A Block is a carved wooden piece which is used to create a permanent impression on a fabric.
At Neelgar we have been working with some very unique techniques .The block printed textiles on Our page are made from metal blocks and not wood blocks .This is what makes the designs very unique And fine. We mainly work with silk fabrics, unless mentioned.
The technique of printing is discharge, where one removes the color instead of applying it.
It’s a very rare process and complicated to accomplish.
Please enjoy wearing these very special textiles.
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The technique of leheriya is very unique to the state of Rajasthan in India and not practiced anywhere else in India. Within Rajasthan also there are very few craftsmen, who still practice good quality leheriya.
We have been trying very hard to revive the styles that are distinguished and not being practiced much.
The designs look simple, but are actually pretty complicated to achieve. The fabric is rolled and wrapped very tightly ,and then tied with hand twisted cotton yarns. It needs to be dyed for a very long time. Sometimes multiple dyeing is required for the colour to reach inside and get a uniform pattern.
To achieve a bigger number of colours, the fabric needs to be
Opened after dyeing , re -rolled re-tied ,multiple times .
Presenting leheriya and mothda silk fabrics for your special occasions


Fabric : Banglore silk

Size : 3m x 45

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3m X 45


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